Welcome to my kitchen – my name is Jess. I am a dutiful public servant by day with a passion for all things cooking and kitchen. Here at Blue Hill Kitchen, I share vegetarian and vegan recipes, cooking techniques, and drag you through what is becoming the most exciting, yet dreaded home renovation project I could have ever imagined.

I love to eat and to cook – always have. In my big southern family, we cook together when we are happy. We bake for one another when we are sad. It is our love language, our shared experience, and it is always a topic for conversation and a little friendly competition.

Food Philosophy

Creating food that both nourishes and delights is a privilege. It is my desire to share food that is enjoyable to eat and share with those around your table. I choose a plant-based diet largely for environmental reasons. I am entirely confident my friend’s organic, free range pork is delicious, but it’s just a sweet pig to me, which requires more energy input than it gives back.

I enjoy a strong well-balanced flavor profiles and believe everyone can cook. I discuss this often at BHK and hope to encourage my fellow elder millennials to step away from the take out, the prep-prepped and the processed foods and step up our skills in the kitchen.